Day 1: When things got WILD (West)!

So, no one who knows me will be shocked to hear that I LOVE a good murder mystery! Dressing up, putting on a great accent (yes great – don’t argue, this is my blog) and pointing fingers at who dunnit, what’s not to love?! So as soon as lockdown was announced, I knew what I had to do!

Armed with a glass of red (also a new lockdown thing – the red wine, not the drinking…) I searched the web for a free (I know what you’re thinking… thrifty!) murder mystery and tried to figure out how it would work in person. In hindsight picking one where you had to pickpocket other players and have secret conversations may have been a mistake.

My character loved a drink or two (it’s almost as though I picked the characters myself…) and was the ageing saloon Madame at Cactus Gulch’s Silver Saloon! Now obviously I had the drinking characteristic nailed, but dressing like a saloon Madame might have been a bit trickier… or not apparently…

I managed to russell up this look using things I already owned (I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed) and stepped into the role of Blaise Sadler in the 1880s! My opening line (which is now my closing line of this blog) HOWDY Y’ALL!

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