Murder, she wrote!

So I’ve told you about two murder mysteries so far buttttt I did also tell you I’ve done A LOT of them during lockdown! (And if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that already...) but anyway, here’s the rest of my murderous looks! (I’m innocent I swear!) First up is Dee Sypher! … Continue reading Murder, she wrote!

Quarantini for the birthday girl!

My birthday is my 4th favourite day of the year! (Behind Christmas, Halloween and pancake day obvs) and when I say day I obviously don’t mean it because who only celebrates for a day? (I’m well aware I have a problem...) so welcome to my 4-day birthday bonanza! Friday 8th May Birthday in t-minus 3 … Continue reading Quarantini for the birthday girl!

In honour of the Netflix movie: here’s lockdown Eurovision!

Oh Europe, we love you! (Well 49% of us do) My first question: have you watched the Eurovision movie on Netflix yet? If your answer is no, stop what you’re doing (yes even reading this) and go and watch it! You won’t regret it - and if you do, well, you need more help than … Continue reading In honour of the Netflix movie: here’s lockdown Eurovision!

Did someone say bottomless brunch?!

So we’ve covered murders (although I’ll be honest it definitely won’t be the last murder mystery to feature), what next? Naturally, it leads onto bottomless brunch! Pre-lockdown I loved nothing more than getting dressed up, heading out in the morning knowing that my prosecco glass was not going to be empty for the foreseeable! Why … Continue reading Did someone say bottomless brunch?!