Murder, she wrote!

So I’ve told you about two murder mysteries so far buttttt I did also tell you I’ve done A LOT of them during lockdown! (And if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that already…) but anyway, here’s the rest of my murderous looks! (I’m innocent I swear!)

First up is Dee Sypher! (The names don’t get any better so apologies) The shy coder who knew more than she let on… my dress code was dark glasses and a trench coat…

Close enough, right? (I’m hoping it was around Easter too otherwise the bunny decor is a little suspect!)

Next was one of my favourites (and yes purely because she was a wine drinker!), Jilly Goodblend reporting for wine tasting and solving crime… but mostly the wine…

I may also have picked this character to wear this dress one more time because it feels like a crime (get it hehehe sorry) to leave it in the wardrobe for too long! Also the last time I’d worn this kimono was on holiday so there’s a sad fact for you…

AND YOU CAN TELL EVERYBODY… that next up is Elton Gone! This was also a lockdown highlight because I made everyone submit a lip sync before we played (we were all singers if that wasn’t obvious) Evil? Yes. Hilarious? Also, yes! Apparently Elton Gone reps a blazer and leather look leggings! (Probably not far off…)

And this time, I actually was the killer! Oh Elton!

Eh Al Scapone, it’s Franc Fusilli here! A loyal bartender paired with a bow tie and perfectly drawn moustache, what’s suspicious about that?! At least my work trousers got put to some use (I exclusively wear joggers to work now and I’m not proud of that)

Bonus points if you can guess the cocktail I was making…

The final murder mystery of lockdown was our very own lockdown wedding! And every wedding needs a spaced out guitarist who just wants peace and love right? The outfit choice was a little rogue in comparison as it consisted of my dad’s shirt and my old guitar hero guitar… and heels of course! (Not KGs this time!)

So there you have it… 7 murders, 7 looks! (I know there’s 5 on here… you’ll have to read my other blogs for the other 2!)

Peace out xoxo

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