Quarantini for the birthday girl!

My birthday is my 4th favourite day of the year! (Behind Christmas, Halloween and pancake day obvs) and when I say day I obviously don’t mean it because who only celebrates for a day? (I’m well aware I have a problem…) so welcome to my 4-day birthday bonanza!

Friday 8th May

Birthday in t-minus 3 days! I threw a virtual birthday bash with my friends which featured a very dangerous covid-19 drinking game! I’m sorry to all those involved – especially those injured or who ended up asleep tangled in wires… My dress may have been a little extra to go and sit in my conservatory…

And by the end of the night? Well I was crashed out on the living room floor but still apparently able to take a quick selfie…

Saturday 9th May

G’day mate! T-minus 2 days until the big day and it was time for another murder mystery! The name was Sally Monella and being a nosey, over the (fence) top neighbour, I was ready to solve the crime! Would you believe me if I said this was actually taken in Bolton and not Australia… (the murder mystery was set in Australia if that wasn’t clear)

And the drunk selfie wasn’t actually too bad this time! 1 out of 4 isn’t too bad right?

Sunday 10th May

Birthday in T-minus 1 day! Quiz show ready – it was time to test the family! The best thing about my quizzes – the on the spot shot questions! Get it right, nominate someone to shot! Unfortunately though, when it’s your birthday, people tend to pick you…

I was proud of this one because my new found tolerance of red wine meant my drink and dress matched!

Monday 11th May

The big day arrived! And how do you celebrate turning 26 (25 actually because I don’t count lockdown birthdays) in lockdown? With a prosecco breakfast of course!

And just because I love cake and I LOVED this cake…

There you have it… the first of the Ault house lockdown birthdays!!

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