In honour of the Netflix movie: here’s lockdown Eurovision!

Oh Europe, we love you! (Well 49% of us do)

My first question: have you watched the Eurovision movie on Netflix yet? If your answer is no, stop what you’re doing (yes even reading this) and go and watch it! You won’t regret it – and if you do, well, you need more help than this blog can give you…

Every year, I celebrate Eurovision and every year I get dressed up and ignore the television in favour of pouring Prosecco and eating cake! Now with the whole pandemic cancelling Eurovision you’d think I’d have a year off right… wrong! Me and my friend decided that we’d host a not-Eurovision, Eurovision party! With a quiz and a covid-19 drinking game prepped, the next question was what to wear…

With options limited, I had to get a little creative this year! So I got out my arts and crafts box (and by this I mean I found some scrap paper and a pair of kitchen scissors), and got creating! I dressed as the EU flag in a blue dress, handmade yellow star sash and of course a pair of KGs!

Alongside the KGs, you’ve probably noticed my outfits are also always paired with a drink… cheers to that!

And how did I end the night? Dressed in a hooded tracksuit being called a chav! I don’t know what they mean…

P.s. yes I’ve got that drunk squinty eye thing going on and yes I know I shouldn’t tuck my hair behind my ears.

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