Taskmaster Series 5: the Lockdown edition!

Alex Horne, eat your heart out! There’s a new taskmaster in town (or 4, in 3 separate towns)! Every few months, with a group of friends, we host a “Taskmaster” pub crawl which usually results in absolute chaos! So we thought we’d test this chaos online, and took series 5 to zoom!

The first task – ABC, anything but clothes! Any ideas? Bin bag? Check! But make it fashion, if fashion is dressing like a 5ft 4 (plus a couple of inches from the heels) present! I made a black bin bag dress (anyone else singing the come get your black bin bag song? No? Just me?), a corseted wrapping paper top tied with ribbon, a ribbon necklace and a bow on my head! And of course, it wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t paired with some KGs!

But that’s not how I stayed all night! According to my Instagram post, task 1,000,899 (safe to assume the above cocktail was not my only drink of the night – who’d have thought?!) was dress to impress! 5 minutes to go from a present to presentable! Turns out wrapping paper and bin bags are easy to rip off so that left me with a leisurely 4 minutes and 50 seconds to pick my dress and shoe combo! I went with a black halter neck from inthestyle and (I promise I’m not stuck on repeat) a pair of KGs (I went through a phase okay…)

And I know you’ll be surprised BUT there’s no drunk selfie to end this post with! (Unless you check my family’s WhatsApp) So we can assume I definitely woke up looking totally acceptable and not like I’d been dragged through a bush (or bin bag!)

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