Fascinators at the ready: you’re invited to the Lockdown Races!

The best event of the year cannot be cancelled due to the lockdown right?! Not in the Ault house! It’s been 101 days in lockdown and we’ve managed to fit in not only one “trip to the races” but two!

The first was the virtual grand national! I managed to convince my mum, dad, brother and his fiancé and my sister, her husband and my niece to all get dressed up and do a sweepstake on the virtual races! For this, I managed to recycle my 18th birthday dress (yes I still have it and no I don’t want to talk about how old it is), my staple Kurt Geigers and a (possibly not matching) white fascinator!

The night didn’t end quite as glamorously though, as I donned my Bastille jumper whilst taking a selfie with a dominos… (I believe it was a buffalo chicken one for those who want to know – with a big garlic and herb dip ofc)

Moving swiftly on to yesterday… every year I attend the plate day at Newcastle race course and waste my money on £2 bets and jugs of pimms! With the races still happening behind closed doors, we decided we’d still have our £2 bets and I got all the ingredients in for the pimms! (Although after a bottle of Prosecco and a bottle of wine I didn’t quite make it to the pimms) For this event, I wore a pink sparkly dress from quiz, a different pair (I know!) of Kurt Geigers (which made my granny very nervous to look at) and a (again possibly not matching) white fascinator!

Again, my night didn’t end as glamorously (there’s a theme to these blogs…), this time instead of Bastille, it was my Christmas pudding pjs. At least my make up stayed on nicely…

And because I can’t end another blog with a drunk selfie – here’s me and my dad at the virtual grand national!

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